• mother of Razan al Najjar

The Mother of Razan al Najjar and her friend and colleague

We Meet Razan's mother. 

*How do you receive the news about Razan's murder? 

I know that my daughter was risking her life to rescue others, but over all I am a mother, it's heartbreaking to see your daughter murdered in front of you.

We are practicing our right to protest peacefully, we love peace and life like all the world. We are civilized people who choose this way. My daughter was doing her job, her weapon was her vest and some bandages.

She always returned home tired after along tiring day, she said I feel better when I rescue lives.

I ask all the Palestinian to keep protesting and next Friday I will join the March and work instead of my daughter.. I have another daughter younger than Razàn, but she she will continue in her own way. 

Wafa Aludaini is a journalist based in Gaza. He is also the manager of the 16 October Youth Group.

Charity for Peace in the Middle East