Inside your dark cell
The place is like a hell
Where you stay alone
Count day after day
A blanket as your shelter
To save your body from cold
Salt and water to end your hunger
An ugly jailer is standing
With chains and weapons
Between you and your freedom.
In spite of all suffering
And pain inside
A big smile is drawn
On your pale face
Conquers your spineless enemy.
What else can weaken
Such a big mountain?!!
So think and weak body
No more comfortable bed
No food, no clothes
No care, nothing
But only a strong will
Embarrasses your lethal jailers.
A dirty, nasty and dark cell
Turned to be a cozy motel
Some days or years and you will go
And I will get my freedom
Black walls were painted
By the blood of Palestinians
Turned to be a beautiful garden
With roses and butterflies
To give me the hope
Tomorrow is very close
And my freedom is outside
Behind your irony bars.
On my forehead is written
With letters of light
I am the hero
And on yours is written
With the blood of innocents
you are the coward.

Ahmed Miqdad © 2017


Charity for Peace in the Middle East