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  • Allison Carmichael artist

Allison Carmichael was born over 50 years ago in Germany to a British army officer and his wife. Her nationality is international as she chooses to live in France and sees the whole world as her home. At the age of three she told her parents that she would be an artist, they were very concerned for her future and dissuaded her from this foolish course. For the entirety of her life they have encouraged her to find a proper job.

Allison studied Fine Art, Painting Sculpture and finally ended up making Films at Goldsmiths, in the heady 80’s, the very finest art university in the UK (She had no idea it was the finest art school in the UK, you understand, she just thought the venue was cool) finishing after some pushing and shoving from kind tutors, with a Bachelors in Art.

Allison is a political artist and humanitarian. She strongly supports issues around the emancipation of the oppressed, believing in the unity of humanity and the freedom to be ourselves Allison is deeply involved in the anti Apartheid movement to free Palestine. As a strongly pro Jewish, pro Palestinian and anti Zionist activist she expects and recieves attacks from the right and the Apartheid israelis every day. Almost a badge of honor!

"Getting involved with Peace In Our Name was a no brainer; what an amazing opportunity to raise awareness and allow creatives to give their wonderful creativity to those who need our support most, at the same time support charities flying by the seat of their pants in the Middle East itself.  If we shine a light on the mass murderers running our governments and hopefully end Apartheid for good I will have lived."


Charity for Peace in the Middle East