Allow me to write you today and start with:
Dear Mr. captain at the border 

I heard you got a new lens for your rifle 
Does the new addition bring kids heads closer?

They tell me you killed five kids today 
I hope you made your country proud soldier

Last night you killed my friend and cousin too
Kill more and they might give you a promotion

What's kids to you but another collateral damage 
The world doesn't count the people you are killing 

But If I could count them I'd have a book full of name
Each name tells a story of agony and oppression 

Your laughter could be heard in each page 
That same evil hysterical laughter of every oppressor

In minutes the water and electricity will go out 
So I'm afraid I can't continue writing this letter 

But I'm looking forward to hearing from you 
If the bombs you drop don't kill me and my mother

~Salah Omar © 2019

Charity for Peace in the Middle East