Meet Reda Anajjar, 21 years old. She is Razan Anajjar's collegue. This is Razans vest, the israelis used as a target.

Please Reda, can you describe the moment when Razan got shot by the Israeli snipers?

Well, Razan was so friendly, lovely and ambitious woman. We started together since day one volunteering in helping the injuries in the Great Return March. We got gassed 12 times before Razan got murdered.

We saw some injuries so me and Razan and other collegue went to rescue them, we were so closed to the Israeli snipers, their guns were stationed toward us as they started doing during this year, gas and bullets, we all got gassed and some fainted so we get back to help each other. But this never stopped us because we used to such actions. We returned to the injuries so Razan, Mohammed and Rami were in th front of us, we were behind them. Then we heard two bullet, Rami and Mohammed felt down, Razan was pointed at her back then we ran toawrd her and we saw her back full of blood. Then we realize it's a bullet that was shot directly to her chest and get out of her back. Rami got injuried in his leg.

They mean to kill her as the bullet was shot directly to her heart. Razan was clearly identified as a paramedic by wearing her white vest . Does the Israeli fire stop or make you stop doing your job in helping the injuries in the Great Return March? Of course not, we vowed that we will continue Razan's cause. We work here voluntarily on the name of humanity. We are used to the Israeli brutal actions toward the Palestinians, so this will never prevent us from helping or doing our job.

Wafa Aludaini is a journalist based in Gaza. He is also the manager of the 16 October Youth Group.

Charity for Peace in the Middle East