For What...?


For what will we be blamed?
For ruinous and blind deeds;
bombing mothers and children;
the death of the sick and in need
For what will we be claimed?
For consequence of our deeds;
for drowning refugee children;
the hubris of power and greed
For what will we be shamed?
Acceptance toward evil deeds;
the rape of adults and children;
the starving we knew we could feed
For what will we be condemned?
The cost of our military deeds;
poisoning the air of our children;
not thinking but following creed.

For what will we be renowned?
Living for momentary deeds;
leaving Earth Hell for our children;
watching the world slowly bleed.

For what will we be condoned?
Supporting the noblest of deeds:
fighting for rights of our children;
planting that potential seed.

Poem “For What?” from “Loose Poems 2016”
© john william brown 17 February
Drawing “Por Que?” From “Goya’s ‘Disasters of War’”
© john william brown O7 February 2015

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