• Janis Hetherington - Writer of Love Lies Bleeding

Janis Hetherington is a Sexual Revolutionary who was the first openly Lesbian woman to be artificially Inseminated 44 years ago.  She has appeared in many documentaries and has written numerous articles on Gay Rights.

Her various Campaigns have included Prostate Cancer Awareness, Tree Planting for Peace, Freedom of Speech and Women’s Rights in the Middle East. Her frank and open book LOVE LIES BLEEDING MEMOIRS OF A SEXUAL REVOLTIONARY is available on Amazon and is currently being scripted for filming.

Janis often broadcasts on a variety of subjects for the Media and just last month was asked to comment on the Chilcot Report and the possibility of taking legal action against those named as responsible.

Peace in our Name became involved in promoting Crowd Funding for that very purpose.

It is from her involvement in the Freedom to give those who cannot speak a Voice that  she met Allison Carmichael who was also looking for a project to promote a VOICE for the Middle East. Thus  PEACE IN OUR NAME was born.

Charity for Peace in the Middle East