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Mandy has enjoyed an eclectic career in the performance arts ranging from amongst many other things, dancing in a touring Spanish circus, acting in the Tom Stoppard play ‘Jumpers’ (in which she performed a striptease/trapeze act) to bringing her own unique interpretation to the role of ‘Fairy Hippopotamus’ for an entire summer on the end of Bournemouth Pier (admittedly a part obtained through sheer nepotism, her dad was the original Honey Monster!)
She has provided backing vocals for artistes such as Motown stars Marv Johnson and Kim Weston. Booker Newberry, The Moody Blues, Helen Shapiro, Pulp, Mike and the Mechanics, INXS, Curiosity Killed the Cat as well as more recently, Vaneese Thomas and Eddie Floyd. She has appeared on Later with Jools Holland as well as fulfilling her childhood dream of appearing on Top of the Pops.
She was the lead singer in the rock band ‘Steamhouse’ with whom she toured and released an album before taking a long break to raise three kids.
As she continues to write and record at home, she has lately provided vocals ‘online’ for several projects such as David Mindel’s ‘Band of Sisters’ Ian Parker’s ‘Pacifica’ and Aki Nawaz’s cutting edge political ‘Fun-Da-Mental’ project ‘Philosophy of Nothing’.  It’s a way of working which she particularly enjoys as it allows for much greater creative input.
She is currently also writing and recording her own songs as she plans a solo album.

In recent years, Mandy has become acutely aware of the inequalities and suffering on our planet, much of which appears to be the result of the deliberate manipulation of the world economy in favour of a small number of privileged and seemingly morally bankrupt politicians and corporate leaders. They seem to use amongst other things, war, to set humanity against itself and maintain power and control of resources.
She wishes no harm to be done in her name and believes that to seek justice for past political wrongdoing is an essential first step in exposing a global system which serves the few at the expense of many of the poorest and most vulnerable human beings on our planet.
She wishes no suffering for anyone, even those who have perpetrated of these huge injustices, rather that the light of truth should reveal the true nature of war and that the political mechanisms by which many of them are brought about can be rendered harmless.
Mandy is delighted to be given the opportunity to take part in this project, which seeks to do exactly that.
‘Not In My Name’

Charity for Peace in the Middle East