Mr War (Palestine)

Don’t you know Mr War; don't you know? That bloody soil, does not yield olive trees.

For 68 years, I have been a slave to my fears, I have bathed in my tears. For 68 years, I have been a guest in my own home.

What is Filasṭin without its ṭin? (What is Palestine without it’s mud)

Is Filasṭin a memory?

We have not forgotten Yawm Al-Nakba! La-ah!
(We have not forgotten the Day of the Catastrophe! Oh no!)

You murdered my father... then stole the stones, beneath which I buried his bones. You settled, and left us restless.
You turned our schoolyards into minefields....
Your fences restrain us, maim us,

But apartheid won’t leave us tongue-tied... Why must our poets be illiterate?

Oh must I mention the violated conventions? The flaws in your laws and protocols! Cursed be the corrupters of Zion!

Fuck this occupation! Should I recite our hiss-tory of stolen generations? David drunk on subjugation, killed Goliath took his place,
Why must you exterminate... my race?

O’ Israel! O’ puppet-masters of continents!
I learnt that power was perfect corruption,
When Uncle Sam kissed King David’s feet at instruction!

Oh David, why does your star rape our sky? Have you forgotten the underdogs?

Oh David, awaken and sing a psalm of peace! Forget Mr War, he is old now... This an old row.

My Keffiyeh will not be fondled by moths! It is no ordinary tablecloth!
It is freedom, lovely, in her chequers.

So long as I can whisper, I will shout:
‘Respect my existence, or expect my resistance!’

Ya Arafat! Ya Abu Haleel! Ya Darwish! (Oh Arafat! Oh Abu Haleel! Oh Darwish!) Dance in your graves!
Filasṭin does not forget her Bravehearts!

Filasṭin will not bend! Our blood will not blend! This oppression. It. Will. End!
And in the last days it shall be Netanyahu who cries:

"Eli, Eli, lama Sabachthani?!”
(My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?!)

Pola Fanous © 2017

Charity for Peace in the Middle East