The following actors, artists and writers have all generously donated their time and their creative talents to write songs, read poems and create the artwork for the Not In Our Name CD, a pro-peace CD to raise funds and awareness for victims of war.

Graphic Designer

Allison studied Fine Art, Painting Sculpture and finally ended up making Films at Goldsmiths, in the heady 80’s…

She is a passionate pro-peace activist and created the artwork for the Not In Our Name CD and website.

Rania Hammad in Palestine

My father was the PLO representative in Italy, and growing up as the daughter of a man that has dedicated all his life to Palestine, made me want to do the same.

What really bothers me is the perennial shortsightedness of western Governments in their dealings with the Middle-East, and the consequent blow-back on ourselves. I have twice visited Israel/Palestine, and am dismayed at the way the world turns its back. and obfuscates, on clear cut matters of right and wrong, at the expense of the people living there.

Pam Hardyment Poet and humanitarian activist

Pamela Hardyment lives in London and studied modern languages at university before taking up a career in  journalism and book publishing.

Hamde Abu Rahma is an award winning photojournalist, he is aso a tireless activist, dedicated to recording the base cruelty and crimes against humanity perpetrated on his people by the Zionist Apartheid Israelis. Here Hamde is interviewed by the poet Pam Hardyment for

Farah Nabulsi

As a Palestinian in diaspora, Farah always thought she understood the injustices suffered by her people. But seeing it first-hand during a visit to the Occupied Palestinian Territories changed her in a deep and overwhelming way. Witnessing the treatment of children was particularly harrowing and she kept thinking "what if that was my child?"

Leila marshalls an army of religious, political and literary peacemakers throughout the world for whom Bethlehem holds a special place; Bishop Tutu and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Malala Yousafzai and Jimmy Carter, amongst others.

Charity for Peace in the Middle East