Bethlehem is an iconic, historic Palestinian town. It has a great deal of importance to Christians as the birthplace of Jesus. This town is now hemmed in by an enormous Apartheid wall more than 700kms long and 8 meters high that crosses the countryside of Palestine cutting Palestinians off from their land, Families and most dangerous of all their water.

UPCOMING SCREENINGS of Open Bethlehem the powerful film by Leila Sansour

27th April 2017 Pasadena, California, La Salle High School, Pasadena, California - 7.00 PM  Info and RSVP

29th April 2017 San Francisco, California, Charlie's Cafe, San Francisco, California - 7.00 PM Info and RSVP

30th April 2017 San Francisco, California. GRACE CATHEDRAL: 1100 California Street @ Taylor Street, San Francisco, California - 4.00 PM Info and RSVP

02nd May 2017 San Francisco, California, St John’s Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, California - 6.15 PM Info and RSVP

More dates will be added soon.

26th March 2017 Washington DC, Washington National Cathedral , Washington, USA - 2.30 PM Info and RSVP

4th April 2017 Garden Grove,California, The Christ Cathedral (Crystal Cathedral), California - 6.00 PM Info and RSVP

6th April 2017 Denver, Colorado, University of Denver,Center for Middle East Studies Colorado - 6.30 PM Info and RSVP

9th April 2017 Denver, Colorado, Friends of Sabeel-Colorado, Augustana Lutheran Church, Colorado - 3.00 PM Info and RSVP

All screenings will be followed by a Q&A and Discussion with
Director/Producer Leila Sansour

Charity for Peace in the Middle East