Peace in our name,
We refuse to blame or rename the shame,
Peace in our Name
For the future of our souls we maintain
Unity in our goals...
Each to his own to play in
To learn how to love to  believe and forgive
Is a way for Peace in our name.
There is enough light, there is enough air
lets us share the care and be aware that
only peace in our name can be the end game. 

More children need not suffer
Hear their cries as they long for supper
The greed of the few, you know if it's' you,
You care for your view but their life
Need not end with strife
Place it for them, the money in the bank
Thank what you can, for those who ran so you had it all..
To embrace you surround as you grow ever round
The greed in your seed, always more than you need.
Peace in our name the true end game.

2016 © Jacqueline Madders

Charity for Peace in the Middle East