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About Justice Matters One Voice Global

Justice Matters One Voice Global (JMOV-Global) is a South Carolina non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to strengthening resilience to the social, economic, health and environmental challenges faced by disenfranchised and oppressed peoples both locally and worldwide, including refugees and occupied peoples as defined by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

JMOV-Global currently focuses on providing sorely needed humanitarian relief to the most vulnerable families, women, children, and seniors within the Gaza Strip.  The programs they develop seek to stimulate the Gazan economy by staffing Gazan residents and purchasing materials and program supplies from Gazan merchants, farmers, laborers etc. Overtime, their primary goal is to develop pilot multi-phase community cooperatives that will aim to help strengthen and sustain self-sufficiency, community by community.

JMOV-Global was borne from a seemingly inauspicious private conversation on Facebook that began last February 2015 between Co-founder’s Teresa Rossomando and Hussam Almadhoun.  A resident of Jabalia Camp, Hussam has lived through 3 wars, and has worked as a volunteer with local charities to help children and the most vulnerable families, since 2008. He is now a JMOV-Global Board member and Project Manager on the ground in the Gaza Strip. 

charity work in Gaza

It was the relentless determination of Hussam’s dream to help his people, that inspired Teresa’s determination to find a way to provide direct aid, rather than through the outside staffs of the known international nonprofits, that so often Hussam expressed dissatisfaction with. 

Rula Khoury Borelli and Beth Baker

Soon after these private conversations began, after hitting one wall after the other, Palestinian American activist Rula Khoury Borelli, now Co-founder, joined this effort around March of 2015 with Beth Baker, now Board Member, joining in by September of 2015. 

Justice Matters one Voice

JMOV-Global joins Hussam in his determination to nurture hope for his people and help them in more sustainable ways. Since the dreadful bombardment of Gaza in 2014 the hardship of the 1.8 million people has not improved in the last two years, in fact their situation worsens and their need increases by the day.

Little Palestinian girl

Give to those with cancer in Gaza

The 2014 bombardment of the civilian population by thousands of tons of WMDs left much of the city in ruins its infrastructure totally destroyed, and many dunam of farmland either decimated or poisoned by herbicides. Tens of thousands more people in Gaza were left homeless and the whole population was left without precious water, electricity and food. It is an ever worsening and dire situation that with the help of dedicated donors like you, JMOV-Global aims to improve.

Toward that end, JMOV-Global has launched a pilot program that will provide warm nutritious meals for cancer patients on a weekly basis. Coordinators on the ground have arranged for the preparation and transport of 55 warm, balanced and nutritious meals to be delivered each week to 55 cancer outpatients in Khan Younis after they receive their treatment at the European Hospital in Gaza. For many of them, this will be the only well balanced and nutritious meal they will consume.

Hussam Almadhoun, JMOV-Global Project Manager, will oversee this project and the creation of our follow-up documentation with Ibrahim Asfour coordinating the weekly transport and distribution of meals. With ongoing donor support, JMOV-Global hopes to continue this program indefinitely and ultimately increase its reach and the number of people it can help. 

For a small regular donation these victims of unbelievable tyranny suffering from the additional hardship of illness can rally, gain the strength to combat their Cancer and be given a fighting chance for their treatment to work.

Opening slideshow from the celebrated photo journalist Hamde Abu Rahma