• Tom Laimer-Read
  • Pro-peace comedian writer

Tom Laimer-Read went to various state schools in Norwich, England during the 1980s and '90s in various states of consciousness, where he mostly enjoyed reading and not being at school. He has been in a few bands that were fun, but didn't get much attention from the national music press or generally anyone at all. At Manchester University in the late '90s he studied English and Drama, the contents of his navel and a large variety of alcoholic beverages.

After this Tom performed alternative comedy across the UK under the unusual guise of Ken Mustard and as part of the cult comedy duo The Toothpaste Expedition. Tom also staged The Randy Panda Corporate Clampdown with his Randy Panda pals at the Edinburgh, Norwich and Brighton Fringes and gave a solo stand up show about the UK's complicity in torture and the dangers of ID cards and mass surveillance called 'Freedom Come, Freedom Go' at the Edinburgh Fringe and Manchester Comedy Festivals in 2009. As well as this, he has co-run numerous outrageous alternative comedy nights such as Normal Service Will Be Resumed Shortly, The OO Club and The Dysfunction Room. He has recently written a novel about the early punk scene called Needles & Pins - A Punk Novel and occasionally publishes steampunk stories under the pseudonym of Philbert Chicory, as well as writing scurrilously subversive satirical articles under a secret pseudonym in the second worst anarchist publication in Britain, Now or Never! Magazine. 

To find out more about Needles & Pins - A Punk Novel, visit the website: http://www.needlesandpinspunknovel.co.uk
Tom continues to live in relative obscurity. Current whereabouts: somewhere in mainland Europe.

Charity for Peace in the Middle East