I was walking in my holy land
Flying like an innocent bird
And dreaming of my freedom
But surrounded with devils.
They kill every innocent child
And shoot every flying bird.

Twenty bullets toward my soft body
Like drops of heavy rain
Passed into my weak body
They vandalized my holy land
And distorted my sacred body.

I felt the warmth of my blood
Like a flood get out
To draw my red carpet
On my holy land
And covered my body.

I saw the red roses
Everywhere in my garden
And the colored butterflies
Fly over my doomed corpse.

I saw the white angels
Whisper in my ears
And catch my hand
To walk to my heaven.

Twenty bullets killed my soul
Penetrated my body
And violated my holiness.

Twenty bullets are enough
To ring the bells of the churches
And make the minarets declare
As an indication
To the end of humanity.

Ahmed Miqdad © 2017

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights stated last year that Israel’s responses to attacks by Palestinians against Israelis “strongly suggest unlawful killings, including possible extrajudicial executions.”

Last year was the deadliest in a decade for Palestinian children in the West Bank, with Israeli forces and guards killing 32 children. While 24 of those killed were accused of committing an attack, DCIP evidence and Israeli internal investigations in several cases determined the child did not pose a direct mortal threat at the time they were killed. Defense for Children International Palestine (DCIP)

Charity for Peace in the Middle East