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You raised in my arms
The blue sky behind you 
My smile reflected twice
In your beautiful green eyes

Child of mine 
My arms around you
Lain today on a cold tray
My tears stain the flag
Of our precious land
Hiding your broken body 
Beneath my fussing hands

Memories crush my heart
You raised in my arms
As a babe at my breast
Passed to your Father 
To weep his love 
And his joy over you

Child of ours
Our arms around you
As we carry you for the last time
Away from your home
To hide you away from the sky
For eternity in the dry ground

You raised up in my arms
Oh children of Palestine
With your grace and hope
In my eyes and in my heart
You live forever in my dreams.

Una Casey Cadao © 2019

Charity for Peace in the Middle East